Angelique M. Niare
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Welcome to the world of anGELIQUE m. NIARE! 



It all started...

June 2008 when Angelique, a young college student felt her body changing. She wanted to take a pregnancy test but she was nervous to know what the results may have been. She decided to take a test, then another test, then another test...they all said the same thing; she was pregnant.

She was excited yet anxious to meet her new baby. That following fall semester she returned to school to finish her final year of undergrad. She did not experience any morning sickness or pregnancy pains and was able to continue her campus and Greek-life activities. She remained active with the school's liturgical dance team and completed an internship at a transitional middle school.

She gave birth to her first daughter February 2009 and graduated that following May, with her precious baby in the audience. She and her then Husband decided not to take birth control but to operate on the "rhythm method". This form of family planning allows a woman track when she is ovulating. They decided to not have sex when she was most likely ovulating. This system did not work for them because once her oldest daughter turned a year old and stopped breast-feeding, her body changed and it threw off her ovulation cycle.

Angelique became pregnant again. This pregnancy was a little different. She was extremely tired and had terrible morning sickness. She went to the doctor and the nurse came back with an ultrasound...there were TWO BABIES in the picture!! She was pregnant with twins! She asked the doctor, "How did two get in there?!" Shocked, she knew life was about to change even more.

She was told at six months pregnant that she would be placed on bed-rest for the remainder of her pregnancy because she was not gaining enough weight for a multiple birth pregnancy. She followed directions, although she longed to move around and go places.

On October 10, 2010 she felt sharp pains and her water broke at home. She knew it was time to go. She and her husband headed to the hospital as she leaked all the way there. She was in labor for six hours and just as she was receiving an epidural one of her babies was ready to come out...

One baby emerged. While the other one was inside the womb, she had an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck but six minutes later, another baby emerged.  She gave birth to twin daughters.

Fast forward to 2018, Angelique is the Proud Mother of three beautiful, intelligent, energetic daughters and the four of them are on a journey to experience all of the richness, love and beauty that life has to offer.



The Mommy Manners Handbook

Who holds Moms accountable when it comes to the standards and behaviors women should have as mothers? There are societal views on child rearing and how children should behave or what they should know by a certain age, but there are no guidelines for Mothers.

When you are offered a new job, a trainer is with you every step of the way, but for one of the most important jobs, Motherhood, there is no manual."

"In this fun, heart-felt, practical Mommy Manual, Author Angelique M. Niare teaches women of all walks of life how to "Mind their Mommy Manners" and become Well-behaved Moms! You will learn manners that include stress management, love and affection, personal development, and other tips.